The gong rang for MANAS in Borsa Istanbul

On 27 July 2021 the gong rang at Istanbul Stock Exchange Market for Manas Energy Management Industry and Trade Inc. established 25 years ago and since then continues its activities in the fields of Smart cities, IoT technology, 5G, Defense Industry, Communication information technologies, with its patented products. The company started to be traded on the Borsa Istanbul Main Market with the code ‘’MANAS’’. GM of Istanbul Stock Exchange Market Korkmaz Ergun, Chairman of Manas Energy Ahmet Reşat Görür, Senior Management of Manas Energy and Senior Management of Tera Investment participiated to the Gong Ceremony held on 27 July 2021. Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. General Manager Korkmaz Ergun in his speech at the ceremony said, “Due to the increasing energy demand, it has become a necessity to use energy more efficiently and even to make the delivery of energy from the producer to the end consumer more efficient. Fulfilling this obligation is only possible by controlling energy from production to consumption with more sensitive technologies. With effective meter technologies development, Manas Energy Management plays an important role. Our aim is to financially support our companies through our stock market with public offerings that shape the future with technology. Our companies can take advantage of the opportunities we offer by offering their shares to the public or by issuing debt instruments or by using our derivative products to hedge their risks.” Ahmet Reşat Görür, Chairman of the Board of Manas Energy, in his speech said: “As Manas Energy, we ensure that the energy produced is managed more efficiently, and we provide effective solutions for the management of energy and water resources with our patented products. We have also made large investments in our defense industry. We will try to be worthy of the trust of our investors through our innovations and exports, and continue striving to do our best for the development of our country.”